Advanced Clinical Decision Support

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State-of-the-art patient care builds on the use of accurate diagnostics, in-depth medical expertise and artificial intelligence.

We bring to you all three combined.

Our Vision

To increase the quality of life of people by providing those in need with scientifically-proven AI solutions. They help medical doctors making faster and more accurate decisions, they help tailor patients to the most appropriate therapies and they help bring costs down in healthcare systems.

Our Mission

With our machine-learning based predictive analytics model for tumour characterization in cancer patients, medical doctors - who face the time-consuming and complex task of diagnosing cancer - will be able to employ an on-demand service to provide them with additional valuable insight into the disease that will be helpful in subsequent personalized treatment planning. This will help increase patient benefit and reduce costs.


Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA

  • Physicist
  • Medical imaging expert
  • Pioneering developer of hybrid imaging system

Laszlo Papp, PhD

  • Computer Scientist
  • Imaging data expert
  • Mastermind of AI platform

Marcus Hacker, MD

  • Physician
  • Molecular medicine expert
  • Lead promoter of personalized medicine platform

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